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I knew I shouldn't have walked in there alone.

There was no other option though, I had to prove to myself that I had the guts to do it. I didn't want anyone to call me a coward ever again.

Darkness swept slowly but surely over the forest as I walked the road. There was no one around, I guess that's no surprise though, nobody walks in the forest at this time of night.

Or so I thought..

A gentle wind breezed as I looked at my surroundings. I hadn't been in this forest since I was little, so I didn't recognize much from my childhood. There was however a big rock on the side of the road that I remembered. I used to play tag with my sister around that area, and she would always climb up that damn rock, making me unable to tag her.

Suddenly, everything went quiet.

There was no wind, no animal sounds, no nothing.

I felt a chill down my spine. Someone, or SOMETHING was watching me.

I had walked for quite a while in the forest, so it would still take some time for me to run all the way back. I didn't know how I would do it, but I just really wanted to leave that forest, right that second.

I began running. Didn't want to look back, just wanted to get out of that damn forest as fast as possible. I could vaguely hear what sounded like footsteps, someone else's footsteps behind me..

I started to panic and I felt a tear running down my cheek as I kept on running.

Out of breath, I had to stop and breathe a little bit. I looked down to my feet and listened carefully after more sounds. The footsteps were gone. Relieved, I took a deep breath and looked up.

There the creature stood before me. I had never seen anything like it, not even in my worst nightmares. I froze on the spot in shear terror as I looked at the terrifying monster before me. It's creepy white eyes, the large wide open mouth, and those black arms.. I tried to scream, but my body didn't obey, there was nothing I could do.

My vision started to blur as I began to feel dizzy. The monster moaned and grunted as it reached it's hand for my face.

And then everything went black, faded into nothing..
Wrote this again at a night when I was bored, and this is just what came straight out of my head so don't expect it to be that good. I hope you enjoy it anyway :)

*Not really sure either wheter this more of a suspense or horror story, so I'll just put in the suspense category for now.*
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September 19, 2012
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